• Mona Eldahry, LAc, DACM

How to Hold your Flow in October

Lately people have been coming in a bit concerned. Summer is over, it’s time to get back to the bump and grind of regular life. Will I rise to the occasion? And if I do, will I mourn the death of my mild-mannered, fun-loving summer self? Don’t fret.

The following is a step-by-step guide to holding your summer flow well into the rest of the year:

Step 1: It’s not over.

In part, it’s the time spent outdoors that makes summer so great. A slight decrease in temperature should not deter you from doing most of the things you’ve done all summer. Sure, your fall schedule may be hectic, but schedule time to be outside and enjoy the world, just as you have all summer (but with warmer clothes). Being in direct contact with fresh air, earth and trees has an alkalizing, anti-inflammatory and calming effect on our bodies, making it easier for us to thrive and heal.

Step 2: Ride Your Summer Gains.

Because summer’s ways make it easy to relax, many of us tend to loosen our grip on addictive habits and replace them with good ones during the summer. Maybe you stopped watching so much TV or ate less processed food. Maybe you improved your workout routine or developed your mindfulness practice. Rise to the occasion this fall by maintaining those habits. You might be surprised at how you respond to the year’s challenges as the healthier, more balanced person that you’ve become.

Step 3: Embrace Reality.

Summer is the time when we naturally have the most physical energy. In winter, all animals, including us, tend to slow down. Just as you may have ramped up your physical activity this summer. Get ready to tone it down in the winter. And adjust your expectations accordingly. If you’ve been losing weight all summer, know that our bodies tend to hold on to weight in the winter. If you’ve been eating salads and fresh fruits, prepare to support yourself with some warming, nourishing foods as the weather gets cooler. Soups, squashes, meats and roasted pears are all great additions to an autumn diet. These seasonal foods help us to stay warm and strong through the winter, keeping our lungs and metabolism fit.

Step 4: Be the Early Bird.

If you know what your fall and winter maladies tend to be, act now to prevent them. Schedule an acupuncture session or herbal consultation to strengthen your immune system, keep your joints and muscles loose and ward off the winter blues. Additional Motivating Factors: If you have health insurance on a calendar year plan, know that the deductible and out of pocket amounts that you've paid will last through the end of December. Take advantage of the coverage you have through the end of the year and get the acupuncture, cupping and manual work that you've already paid for! I take United, Providence, Cigna, Aetna, Empire Bue Cross Blue Shield and other plans. To verify your coverage, reply to this email. To schedule an appointment click here.

Wishing you health, wealth and prosperity in the months to come!

Mona Eldahry, L.Ac., DACM (Yes, I'm pleased to mention that I completed my doctorate!)

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