• Mona Eldahry, LAc, DACM

When the Little Things Hurt

Have you ever experienced a mysterious injury? One that comes on for almost no reason?

Last month, that happened to me. I had an achy joint that hurt so much that I had to be careful doing basic things like brushing my teeth and getting dressed.

Acupuncture helped, but didn’t solve the problem. It all started about two days after I engaged in my usual workout.

But Why?

Muscle and joint pain can come on for a few reasons. Traumatic accidents happen but what about really gentle ones? Things that shouldn’t cause injury, but do?

Like picking up something light, turning to look over your shoulder or sleeping the “wrong way.”

When tasks that are part of your usual life suddenly cause injury to muscles and joints, this is your body telling you something’s wrong. It’s trying to get your attention… but what's it trying to say?

It’s possible that your muscles lack something like oxygen, calcium or magnesium, even though you take your vitamins and minerals.

Or that you don't have enough collagen even though you eat bone broth.

Or that your circulation could be better.

Or that you're not metabolizing your protein.

Or maybe there’s some inflammation that’s been building up for a long time under the radar.

In my next message, I’m going to talk about WHY some of these things happen. It’s important to understand the causes before learning the simple things you can do to ensure that you don’t suffer from these pains in the future or, if you do, that they aren’t as severe and don’t last as long.

Why the Little Things Can Hurt

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