• Mona Eldhary, LAc, DACM

To the Year of the Pig

So, according to the astrologers, today is the beginning the year of the pig, a year of love and friendship. The last time the year of the pig came around was 2007. Although I worked harder than ever that year as a community organizer, the love I felt for my work and the the people around me carried me through it all.

12 years later, I find myself again fortunate to know so many people who:

-Continue to learn and improve themselves day by day.

-Are changing the world, undaunted by the state of things.

On that note, I’m compelled to embrace the hard lessons of 2007 (which eventually led me to take a long break from organizing and shift my focus to medicine) and to make a toast for the year of the pig.

Here’s to the things we all do to change the medical system and the world in ways big and small. And to building friendship and community with great people along the way!

Mona Eldahry, LAc, DACM

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