• Mona Eldhary, LAc, DACM

A Victory for Health Freedom in Jersey: Vaccine Exemptions Protected for Now

I thought I’d share this piece of news with you not because I’m opposed to vaccines, but because it gives us hope that one day, medical practice will not be dictated by a for-profit pharmaceutical industry. The New Jersey state legislature has decided to postpone the final vote on a bill that would do away with religious exemptions for vaccines and further restrict medical exemptions. This is thanks to the many organizations and thousands of individuals who raised their voices both on and off of the streets to protect our rights. This is a victory for anyone who believes in a human being’s right to choose when it comes to medical procedures that many doctors and researchers believe can cause chronic diseases like autism (research linked below). Parents who believe that their children have been damaged by vaccines have a lot to lose if this bill passes, as it will make it even harder for them to have their other children exempt from vaccination. Also affected are those who prefer to use lower-risk interventions to naturally strengthen their immune systems against attack. Similar legislation was passed in New York State this past summer. As a result, many children have been expelled from school. The New Jersey bill would go a bit further as it would also end exemptions at colleges and universities. You can click here for more about the New Jersey victory: Or here to sign a national petition for medical parental rights: Or here for research on vaccine injury:

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