• Mona Eldahry, LAc, DACM

The Vaccine: Will it be Safe?

Dear Friends, As talk of a mandatory vaccine for the coronavirus ramps up, the foremost question on my mind is, "Will it be safe?"

The Truth About Vaccines 2020 is a documentary series that I have found highly informative. I hope it helps us to ask the right questions. It's free to access through this Thursday, April 30: Watch it here I always encourage people to seek out information about medical interventions to help make informed decisions about their health. I believe an informed decision is always the right decision. I hope you're well. Mona Eldahry, LAc, DACM PS: I'm sending this to you as I am getting through the series and have yet to watch all of the episodes. PPS: I don't receive any compensation when I share documentaries. I only share what I think is important. Image by 272447.

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