• Mona Eldahry, LAc, DACM

Urgent: Sign for Integrative Treatment of COVID-19

Dear Friends,  Our hospitals are overwhelmed. Some of us have already seen people in our lives die due to COVID-19 and lack of proper care. A friend died yesterday after waiting 18 hours for a ventilator. COVID-19 patients in China and other countries have seen much higher recovery rates when they have had access to Chinese herbal treatment.  Please read on and sign:  Save Lives: Adopt Integrative Treatment for Coronavirus with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire in the US, and the number of confirmed cases is growing exponentially. Yet there is no known cure for it, and hospitals are forced to turn patients away unless life support is required. The US HHS and CDC should recommend integrative treatment combining Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with Conventional Medicine for the treatment of COVID-19 in order to save lives and prevent a crisis like that of Italy’s. TCM cost should be covered by insurance or the government. Integrative treatment has proven effective in China with low mortality rate. In one study, integrative treatment led to a 91.4% recovery rate with 5.9% progressing from moderate to severe, a marked improvement over conventional treatment, which resulted in 61.1% and 35.3% respectively. SIGN NOW:

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